Grand Theft Auto 5 – 4 Ways to Improve Your Sequel

L.A. Noire is great. Really great, even. A much welcomed breath of fresh air to a medium that almost never cares to take itself seriously. But for me? Personally? It’s a teaser. A bone on which to gnaw while the main course is being prepared in some mystical laboratory where video games are birthed. That main course is Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA3 was the first game I played on the (incredible) PS2 console and, ever since, I’ve held video games to a higher standard of quality. It knocked down all the walls of the conventional game (figuratively and literally) and pushed the bar for the 3rd person perspective and literally created the open world genre.

Flash forward to today. Grand Theft Auto 4 has been out for more than 3 years and, despite the critical and commercial successes of Red Dead Redemption and now L.A. Noire, I find myself primed for the next GTA. Even though we may still be another year or more away from it’s actual release there still have been the typical signs and rumors that it might already be in development. And with E3 being right around the corner, I feel it might be the right time to bring up the question: What do I want from a new GTA?

Modern Multiplayer

There’s nothing wrong with GTA4’s multiplayer, so to speak. Competitive multiplayer was fair, fun and it worked. The free roam mode is a dream come true for fans of the series. With or against online players, it enabled you to explore the rich detail of the world and attempt to achieve completely absurd and arbitrary goals, such as “How many vehicles can we fit in this fast food restaurant?” or “How long can we survive holed up in this bank against cops?” and the fan favorite “How can I ruin what everyone else is trying to do by running them over?”. Possibilities are, for lack of a less cliche description, endless. It’s fun, but it’s not perfect. Matchmaking, and the basic online UI, wasn’t as intuitive as it could be and it could. Unlocking more appearance pieces was arcane and poorly explained (if at all).

So will GTAV’s multiplayer be any different? Of course it will. It will probably adopt the same in