Shape Your Outcome or React to It – A Future Trend for Business Leaders to Contemplate

Leadership takes vision, courage and the ability to take risk. Leadership is about leading; accepting new technologies and learning to apply them in unique or non-traditional methods to provide additional value to all stakeholders.

One area where many businesses lack vision is in the information technology arena. Leadership and employee retention can be greatly enhanced by looking forward at how technology enhances the employment condition. There are current internet technologies for businesses with networks that can be affordably incorporated into daily practices to build a loyal employee base that are eager to retain you and grow a prosperous enterprise. Let’s examine just one.

Intranet Radio (streaming or recorded)

What is it? It’s your own broadcast within your network. It doesn’t go outside the company. It takes very little equipment; a microphone, a computer, recording software (there are free applications for this online), streaming server software, a cataloguing or indexing software to make it searchable and your current network’s infrastructure.

Most businesses haven’t thought to use this technology internally and create their own company intranet radio station. This would allow you to not only create a venue for reminding and reinforcing your organization’s values and value to employees, and would offer you a means of consistently addressing ethics issues. You could have employees interviewed and showcased on segments. It can even be used as a great tool for capturing human capital; the knowledge of your employees. If they are interviewed and asked how they solved a certain problem or overcame a particular challenge, then it provides you with a resource to use down the road for training new employees. When you hire the right values fit individual, provide them a company MP3 player chalked full of past broadcasts to help get them up to speed on their job or about the company. You can have the broadcasts transcribed so you have a written digital record as well for those who prefer to read.